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Vihaan Greens (Tower A) Occupancy Certificate Received

Message From CMD

Mr. J.P Singhal is the Chairman & Managing Director of Vihaan Group. He has been dynamic since his college days and holds incomparable experience of this industry of more than 50 years.

A dynamic Realtor with over 50 years of experience in Construction and real estate projects in Delhi, Haryana, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh (Greater Noida) & NCR. He has in short span launched many projects.

His entrepreneurial skills to business acumen have steered the group diligently on growth path.

He performs the functions of planning of group companies.

He is effectively active in society in various communities – social and political.

He has been on an eternal quest to build a better and stronger India. Over the years he has shown courage and unflinching commitment in creating value and setting superior standards for the real estate industry.

Mr. J.P Singhal has been a pioneer in changing the landscape of realty business. A visionary with years of experience behind him he has the right pulse on the realty Sector the way it function and importantly the way it is poised to grow in the near and far future.

He has shown exemplary leadership qualities in bringing world class standards, best practices and state of the art technology.

He is a specialist in construction & business Management.

Message From Director

It has been a fantastic year for our company with skyrocketing performance and making progress at every turn of the road. We will continue to deliver our excellent services to our customers and will always fulfill their dreams and expectation. We will do whatever it needs to emerge on the top of the real estate and construction industry.

Vihaan group of companies have completed 50 years of quality service. We are among the top companies in the construction and real estate industry. We are the key players with a significant amount of experience and know-how in the field of construction and real estate projects despite the ups and downs in the industry.

We are aiming for consistent future growth and better customer satisfaction. Our new projects have shown increasing profits and a high rating from our customers only. We have learned and improved from our past mistake and at this point, we are in the best shape and ready to deliver the best.

We believe in delivering through our actions rather than speaking plain meaningless words. From time and time, we have shown why we are the best real estate and construction company in Delhi and the NCR region. We focus on the right places to implement our strategies. We are continually improving our competitiveness, creating modern and flexible structures that aids in utilizing modern financial tools and operational efficiency.

On behalf of Company’s and the group’s executive and all the employees and associate, we will always remain committed towards our goal with the same amount of diligence and dedication that we have shown in previous years. We will continue to grow and deliver the best to our customers and will continue to climb higher on the leader boards of the construction and real estate industry.